Umbrella Performing Arts offers a variety of programs for both experienced dancers and for beginners. Below is a catalog of some of the programs offered for schools, daycares, homeschool, groups, camps, and more.



Special Workshops

These workshops are offered to any group interested in doing a fun, one time, thematic workshop. This is perfect for summer camps, homeschool groups, Birthday Parties, and even dance teams. Below are some examples of workshops offered. We will work with each group to personalize a workshop that works best for your age range, group size, and facility. Contact us to find out more about scheduling and pricing.


Fortnite Dance Workshop

Drop In for a dance workshop featuring your favorite dance moves inspired by the popular game Fortnite. This fun, upbeat, Hip Hop style workshop will incorporate moves you already know such as Flossing and The Hype and introduce you to some of the more difficult moves as well!

Length: 2 hours
Target age: 7 – 16
Max. class size: Varies based on age range and venue

Superheroes Dance Fitness.jpg

Superhero Dance Fitness

BAM! POW! This fast-paced dance fitness class will be a full body workout for kids. This superhero themed class will have students flying like Superman, zooming like the Flash, stretching like Mr. Fantastic, and more.

Length: 1 hour
Target age: 5-12
Max. class size: 16, can be modified for larger class sizes

Greatest Showman.jpg

The Greatest Showman

Join the greatest show on earth with this circus themed acrobatics and musical theater workshop. Students will learn choreography and acrobatic tricks with music and movement inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman.

Length: 1-2 hours
Target age: 10-18, can be modified for adults
Max. class size: 12 with acrobatic portion, without acrobatics max class size varies

Wiggle and Flip.jpg

Wiggle & Flip!

For the littlest dancers, this pre-school workshop will focus on fun movement and rhythm games to help with coordination, balance, more. We will use props, songs, and stories to explore movement. This class is offered in child-only, or parent-child (Mommy-and-me) formats.

Length: 1-2 hours
Target age: 2-4
Max. class size: 10 children

Disney Dance Workshop.jpg

Disney Dance workshop

Learn dance moves and play rhythm movement games inspired by your favorite Disney movies. In this workshop, we will use music from Aladdin, Lion King, Moana, and more.

Length: 1 hour
Target age: 5-10
Max. class size: Varies based on age range and venue

Custom Workshops.jpg

Custom Dance Workshops

Let’s talk about creating a workshop just for your group! Whether it be for your school, summer camp, scouting troop, Birthday party, dance team, etc. I can work with you to create a custom dance workshop to fit your theme, age group, dance level, and group size.

Workshops for experienced dancers are offered in the following styles: Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Stretch & Strength, Musical Theater, and Improvisation


Daytime Dance Programs


These classes are taught at an ongoing basis. A teacher will come weekly to your school, home school group, childcare center, or other for these classes. We handle registration and come prepared with mats, props, and a sound system, all you need to provide is a safe, clear space for the students.


Age 2 – 3 years:

Creative Movement and Rhythm – At this early developmental stage we work on simple coordination, spatial awareness, and rhythm. This is a 30-minute weekly class. .


Age 3–5 years:

Creative movement, tap, and tumbling – This is the age where children really begin to gain control over their gross motor skills and can begin learning new ways to move. Children will learn fundamental dance and tumbling skills, play developmentally beneficial movement games, and practice memorization and creativity. This is a 45-minute weekly class. To participate, children must be fully potty trained.


Students should wear fitted, stretchy clothes that will allow them to move.


Each student will need ballet shoes (black or pink) and black tap shoes.


Age 6 and up:

At this age, we begin to focus on a particular dance style in each class to teach more specific technique and skills within that style. We also start to incorporate more and more flexibility and strength exercises as is developmentally appropriate.


Students should wear fitted, stretchy clothes that will allow them to move.


Tap: black tap shoes
Ballet: ballet shoes (pink for girls, black for boys)
Jazz: black slip on jazz shoes
Hip-Hop: tennis shoes that won’t slip off
Tumbling: barefoot